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Levied Unit Sales

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Posted On: 23-Aug-15 2044


There will be a sale for 2 Lien Sale Units on 30-Aug-15 at 1330


  • Zammie our Site Manager and my wife Debby will be assisting the sale to help to keep it moving
  • Some last instructions
  • Note the number behind your name
    • This is your permanent registration number for now and the future
  • The sale will begin on Sunday 30-Aug-15 at 1:30PM (1330) Sharp
    • The main gate will be closed at 1:30PM (1330) with all that are bidding inside the complex
    • If you come after 1:30PM (1330) we will see you at the next sale
  • When you arrive to the sale by 1:00PM (1300) you will be issued your number card that you will use to hold up when you bid
    • These will need to be returned when the sale is over, we will keep it for you
    • There will be an Orange Bucket by the Main Gate you can drop it into on your way out
    • Successful bidders bring your Yellow Card to the office with you when we do the final paper work and payment process
    • We will give you a key and gate code so you can come and go as you need to
    • The units to be cleaned and swept out, readied for the next renter
    • You will need to either drop your key off at the office or the drop box at the front of the office when the units has been cleaned out
    • All Personal Items found in the unit such as photos and personal papers to be left in the unit in an apple box that we will issue
  • We have 2 units for sale
    • At 1:30PM (1330) we will have some brief instructions as to how the sale will go
      • We will then do a Walk-A-Bout to each of the units so you can have a look at what is in each of the units
      • You will not be allowed to go into the units, stand at the door and only your eyes can wander into the unit
      • Then we will close the doors and start the sale in front of each unit being sold with the door open
      • When we get a sale we will move on to the next unit and repeat till both units are sold
      • Once the sale is over
        • The successful buyers will then come to the office and we will complete any paper work and payments in full
        • We do take Cash and Credit Cards, NO CHECKS


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